The Shelbourne Hotel was hosting an international Aviation conference and needed to create additional conference rooms.   The Task Cronin were tasked with stripping out 47 bedrooms and transforming them into meeting rooms for the duration of the conference and then return the rooms to their original condition for incoming guests to occupy – this was to be done without interfering with the service level of a 5-star Hotel.   The solution Cronin provided sufficient vehicles, human resources and bespoke materials on site on the Sunday afternoon as the conference was to commence on Monday morning, As clients departed the Hotel our teams quietly moved in and stripped the rooms utilising the service lifts to extract all goods back to our secure stores. Extraction complete – The conference went ahead as planned,   When the conference finished, our teams reversed the process and the rooms were once again readied for incoming Hotel guests.   The Outcome The Hotel has already booked our services for next year’s conference