The task

One-Day Extraction and Re-Delivery for a Five-Star Hotel in Dublin.


A prestigious five-star hotel in the heart of Dublin required the extraction of all beds, bases, and mattresses from sixty-five rooms spanning six floors in preparation for an upcoming conference. The task involved export wrapping and storing the items in Cronin Group’s warehouse within a tight one-day timeframe.

The Process: Efficient Planning and Execution

  • Pre-Planning and Survey: The Cronin Group foreman conducted a detailed survey of the job and collaborated with the hotel project manager to pre-plan the entire move.
  • Risk Assessment and Method Statement: A comprehensive Risk Assessment and Method Statement were prepared, addressing potential challenges and ensuring the safety and efficiency of the operation. The document was signed off by the customer.
  • Team Allocation: Twelve men were assigned per floor, with two designated for each lift, and four loading vehicles accompanied by six rigid trucks.
  • Protective Measures: Floor, lift, door protection, and door wedges were applied to safeguard both the hotel’s property and the extraction process.
  • Item Tagging: To ensure accurate re-delivery, all bases and mattresses were tagged with the respective room and floor numbers.
  • Packaging: Mattresses were placed into mattress bags, and bases were split and carefully wrapped for protection during transportation.
  • Loading Procedure: A team of twelve men on each floor, two in each lift, and four loading the truck worked in synchronization. Bases and mattresses were loaded onto the trucks one floor at a time.
  • Securing the Load: All mattresses and bases were securely strapped in the trucks to prevent any damage during transit.
  • Warehouse Storage: The loaded items were transported back to the Cronin Group warehouse, ready for storage until the re-delivery.
  • Re-Delivery Process: One week later, the bases and mattresses were redelivered to the hotel. The same meticulous process was followed, including unpacking, assembly, and the removal of debris.

THE OUTCOME: Successful and Stress-Free Relocation

  • Immediate Impact: The six floors were successfully cleared in a single day, enabling the hotel to prepare for the upcoming conference without delays. Redelivery was also carried out in a single day, allowing the hotel to return to normal operation without disruption.
  • Post-Conference Satisfaction: After the conference, the hotel coordinator and staff expressed their appreciation for the streamlined and stress-free relocation project facilitated by Cronin Group. They commented that they were looking forward to seeing us again next year.


Cronin Group’s meticulous planning, thorough execution, and commitment to customer satisfaction resulted in the seamless extraction, storage, and re-delivery of beds, bases, and mattresses for a prestigious Dublin hotel. The successful completion of the project showcased the company’s expertise in handling large-scale relocation tasks with precision and professionalism.

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