As part of an upcoming refurbishment project in Clonliffe College, the college authorities required the relocation of the Arch Bishops Archive, which consists of approximately 10,000 archive boxes, between two different libraries on campus.


The archive boxes were sequentially packed out of storage systems in their current location. The archive boxes were then transported from 1st Floor to Ground Floor via the stairwell using a bespoke built system of wooden ramps. The crates were then relocated to the new on campus library and then sequentially unpacked on the new shelves.

Due to the historic nature of the archive, an accurate and careful methodology was required. We installed a shelf mirroring approach to the project which mapped the current shelf to the new shelf in the new system and created labels for same.

Additionally, the archive was located on the first floor in the old library with no lift available. We constructed a bespoke ramp system on the stairwell ensuring a smooth transition of the archive collection.


The entire archive, and additional material was successfully relocated to the new library ensuring timely handover of the building for the redevelopment.