The Task:

The Office of Public Works, Art Management division invited WTS to tender for the removal and packing of Artwork from a building on Adelaide Road, Dublin 2. The building is currently occupied by the Department of Environment, Climate & Communications who will be vacating the premises in May 2024. The Artwork consisting of five individual pieces is on display in the atrium six metres overhead, suspended by steel cables from the 5th floor. Following a detailed survey by Project Manager Colin Fox and submission of our tender documents, WTS were awarded the contract.

The Process:

  • Preparation Works : WTS crew arrived onsite and covered the atrium floor with 10mm corex board to prevent against damage and placed barrier tape around the perimeter to prevent unauthorised access
  • A sub-contractor engaged by WTS arrived onsite and built a six-metre mobile scaffold tower in the Atrium.
  • WTS crew positioned the tower and commenced removing three of the pieces of artwork from the suspended cables.
  • WTS crew then relocated to the 2nd and 5th floors to remove the remaining two pieces of artwork. These two pieces (made up of three sections bolted together) had a shorter suspension cable and required a different approach. We were able to draw in the cables towards us on a fifth floor balcony, attach ropes to the brackets and cut the suspension cables, enabling us to lower the Artwork down.
  • Two WTS crew members positioned directly underneath on the 2nd floor unbolted each piece as it was lowered which made it easier for us to handle.
  • Once this process was complete the scaffold tower was removed and the artwork was carried down to the ground floor lobby for packing.

The Outcome:

All tasks were successfully completed in one day, both the client and building manager were delighted with how smoothly and efficiently the whole process went. Follow up comments from the clients were well received at WTS:


Thank you to you and your team for a seamless removal of a difficult artwork last Friday. It could not have gone any better.

Best wishes,


Thanks for the great job as Louise has said – that was a bit of an awkward one!