Background Burlington Engineering was seeking to appoint a heavy lift specialist to support and assist with the relocation of boilers and batteries from the basement to the 6th-floor plant room, Central Park, Leopardstown. What was involved? The project involved instrumental planning, project management, professional rigging and moving service from a dedicated Cronin Movers heavy lift team reporting to the Burlington Engineering project manager Kieran Elliot. The move involved the rigging, moving and positioning of 4 no. boilers, approx. 500kg each and 2 no. batteries 300kg each and all the associated equipment. All the above equipment had extremely fragile elements that were protected with timber and foam padding base. In the basement, the boilers and batteries were secured to the stair climbers and brought up the 10 flights of stairs to the rooftop. The boilers and batteries are removed from the stair climbers and carefully transferred onto multi-directional moving skates and manoeuvred into the new final positions in the plant room. The Outcome The move took place over 1 day.