Background Burlington Engineering was seeking to appoint a heavy lift specialist to support and assist with a two-phase project consisting of the removal of 2 no. redundant chillers and 2 no. redundant condensers, and for the storage, delivery, rigging, moving and positioning of 2 no. new Flakt Woods Chillers and 2 no. new Condensers and associated parts to the basement of Block C, Central Park, Leopardstown. What was involved? The project involved instrumental planning, project management, professional rigging and moving service from a dedicated Cronin Movers heavy lift team reporting to the Burlington Engineering project manager Derek McCormack. Phase q of the move involved the delivery, rigging, and positioning of 1 no. chiller weighing 2.5 ton and 1 no. 6-meter long condenser weighing approx. 1.5 ton and all the associated equipment. All the above machinery was unpacked at the Cronin storage facility, loaded and delivered on low-loader trailers, lifted and moved during a highly skilled process using a forklift and moved on a selection of multidirectional moving skates and heavy lift jacks to the new final positions in the basement. The Outcome Phase 1 move took place over 2 days.