Our Specialist Logistics team were selected initially for crating electrical panels destined for international shipment to Ethanol Extraction plants in Eastern Europe. The arrangement now includes managing the logistics of shipping the units within tight timescales for delivery onsite.


Our client is an Engineering Services business focused on Process Design and Process Automation Solutions for the food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries. As part of their mechanical and electrical engineering services they project manage the design of Electrical Control Panels that control the power distribution across processing plants.

They typically require a fast turnaround with just a couple of days notice of these panels becoming available for delivery. The panels are transported to our secure warehouse facility on the outskirts of Dublin.

There each panel is prepared for shipment with custom crates manufactured from heat treated wood to ISPM15 standards. The crates are stenciled up with the markings required for transportation. In parallel, the shipment is booked on a dedicated load transport service. As an example of the timings involved, it wouldn’t be unusual for up to 6panels to arrive at our warehouse on a Wednesday and the crating be completed to enable the shipment to leave on Friday for delivery to the plant in Hungary on the Tuesday.


Our team has consistently turned these shipments around in record time to ensure that our client gets the delivery onsite for the Engineers to start their installation and commissioning work. As a result, we are regularly handling these shipments for our valued client.