Global technology company employee relocating from India to Dublin with their family.

What was Involved:

  • The Challenge:
    • Securing long-term housing and school places for two children before their arrival in Dublin.
    • Arranging shipment of household goods and assisting with settling tasks like applying for PPS numbers and opening a bank account.
  • The Process:
    • Understanding the Challenging Irish Rental Market:
      •  Providing detailed information on Ireland’s housing crisis.
      •  Assisting in establishing a rental budget and selecting neighbourhood’s to consider.
      •  Managing expectations throughout the process.
    • School Application Process:
      •  Advising on the Irish curriculum and different school options.
      •  Submitting applications and managing communication with school admissions teams.
    • The Paperwork:
      •  Advising on required paperwork for renting and school applications.
      •  Submitting relevant documentation alongside rental and school admissions applications.
    • Survey for Household Goods Shipment:
      •  Conducting a home survey in India and providing a shipment quote.
      •  Confirming arrival date in Ireland for the following week.
    • Attending Virtual Viewings:
      •  Setting up and attending property viewings on behalf of the family.
      •  Coordinating lease agreements and deposit transfers.
    • Arrival in Dublin:
      •  Setting up utilities and conducting a property check-in before the family’s arrival.
    • Settling In:
      •  Initiating the process of opening a bank account and applying for PPS numbers.
      •  Completing remaining tasks upon arrival in Dublin.


  • Once the lease for the rental property was signed, the relocation consultant shared the details with local schools for the children’s applications.
  • The children were eventually offered places in a school of their choice.
  • The family arrived in Dublin and went directly to their new home, ready to start at the local primary school the following week.


  • A very successful relocation for this family, facilitated by the guidance provided by the Cronin relocation consultant.
  • Invaluable help and advice around the rental market and schooling.
  • Smooth transition into their new home, resulting in significant financial savings on temporary accommodations.