Tayto Snacks is a well-known food snack manufacturing company. They were seeking to appoint a specialist movers to support and assist with the rigging and removal of redundant chimney stacks from the roof of the Kilbrew facility.

Tayto Snacks is an indigenous Irish company employing 500 people nationwide. They produce Ireland’s favourite snacks brands including Tayto, Hunky Dorys, King, Perri and Velvet Crunch, at a factory in Ashbourne, Co. Meath.


This removal project required careful planning and project management to minimise the impact of the removal to the roofing structure and the production area below. Our team leader reported directly to the Tayto Snacks on-site project manager.

The project involved the careful separation of the redundant chimneys. Using a mobile tower crane the crew manoeuvred the lifting equipment into position above the first rooftop chimney. The Cronin Movers team began rigging and securing the first chimney using a selection of slings, shackles, bracing straps and tag lines.

With everything secured and checked, the chimney was separated from the roof support and the crane lifted the chimney clear of the roof. The chimney was carefully manoeuvred off the roof and lowered down to the set-down area before being loaded onto the waiting transport trailer.

Once secured to the transport trailer the chimney was released and the crane moved the lifting gear up and away into position ready for the next chimney lift. The process was continued until all 6 chimneys were removed from the roof, loaded, and secured onto the transport trailer.


The removal of all six of the chimneys was carefully and safely completed within one day and on time.

The Project Manager for Tayto Snacks said: “I like working with these guys, you know what you get every time. Efficiency from start to finish.”