A large multi-national tech firm was looking to rationalise it’s operations from two office locations to a new campus in Dublin City, while simultaneously incorporating workplace organisational changes to accommodate hybrid working and hot-desking. As a result, this was a large office relocation incorporating hybrid working practices that required careful planning and efficient execution to minimise disruption to the business.


The new campus was already partially operational with 800 staff in the location. As part of the move an additional building on the new campus came into operation and was to be used to relocate 400 of these staff. This move had to take place before the staff workstations from the original office location were relocated. As a result, this move was carried out on day one, leaving the remaining 4 days for the main relocation to be carried out.

The main relocation involved the relocation of 1,000 workstations and equipment to the new campus, with 400 of the existing workstations in the new campus being used for either hybrid working or hot-desking. The changes meant that the company was in a position to offer a mixture of assigned, reservable and drop-in desking facilities from staff.

In addition to the relocation of staff, equipment, pedestals and operator chairs, we also provided desktop IT disconnection and reconnection services to facilitate the relocation.

The key challenge in a large complex relocation project of this type is maintaining accuracy of so many moves. To facilitate this, we provided pre-printed colour coordinated move labels for the project. This ensured an accurate transfer of all crates, furniture, equipment and pedestals within defined zones on the relocation plan.

As part of the office relocation project our client required the removal and disposal of approx. 1,000 pedestals from the new location, due to the volume of workstations nominated as hot-desks that did not require any personal storage. To minimise impact on the move schedule, the pedestals had to be temporarily relocated to a holding area during the relocation process so that they would not cause an obstruction on the work floors prior to first day of business. Through careful scheduling of the moves, our team were able to complete the moves and remove the pedestals from the site when all the key workstation moves were completed.


The entire relocation was completed within 5 days providing our client with a seamless relocation of staff and by coordinating staff to work-from-home on specific days there was no interruption to normal business operations.