A market leading HVAC company appointed our Machinery Moving team to support them with loading and transporting HVAC Liquid Cooling Systems for a HVAC installation in a datacentre in the Dublin area.


This Loading and Transporting HVAC Liquid Cooling Systems project required our Machinery Moving team to survey the site and assess the risks involved before carrying out the detailed project planning. Our team provided a professional wrapping, rigging and moving service with the team leader reporting directly to the on-site project manager.

The project involved the careful separation of 2 sections of the external Liquid Cooling unit, with a combined weight of 15,000kgs using a purpose built lifting frame and 100tonne mobile crane. Following separation, the 10,500kg bottom section, and the 3500kg top section were loaded and secured onto trailers and transported offsite to the Cronin facility. There the two sections were removed from the trailers and set down on timber skids.

In preparing the Bottom Section, desiccate packs were placed inside the unit and the bottom section was completely wrapped in 4mm Corry board. An external wrap was applied to seal the bottom section with export H/D heat shrink wrap polythene.

At that point, the rigging, lifting, and loading of the protected bottom section was carried out onto a 40ft flat rack. A cord lashing system was used to secure the unit to the flat rack. A Marine Surveyor examination was carried out of Cord Lash and a lashing certificate was provided on completion. The unit was transported offsite to begin its long journey to the U.S.

In preparing the Top Section, desiccate packs were placed inside the unit and it was placed inside a purpose built vacuum pack PP007 moisture protection foil bag. This unit was externally wrapped and sealed with export H/D heat shrink wrap polythene. The top section was secured onto a purpose built pallet base and placed in storage for the required period of time.


Our Machinery Movers team successfully and safely completed the complex process of wrapping, loading and transporting HVAC liquid cooling systems within the deadline required and to the clients satisfaction.