At Cronin Group, we play a vital role in the distribution and storage of medical and mobility devices for a global supplier. Our comprehensive logistics services are designed to meet the specific needs of the healthcare industry, ensuring timely and reliable delivery of essential equipment.

What Was Involved

Our service offerings include:

  • Pick-Pack-Deliver: We manage the entire distribution process, from storing and assembling pick lists to delivering the equipment to hospitals and medical facilities. This ensures that critical devices, such as patient care hoists, are on-site and on time for installation.
  • Hands-On Service: Understanding the importance of our client’s products in patient care, we plan meticulously to provide a fault-free and timely delivery process. We assign a dedicated point of contact to ensure friendly and efficient communication.
  • Final Mile Delivery: We provide full final mile delivery services of mobility devices to hospitals, nursing homes, and individual homes across the country. We work closely with clients and occupational therapists to ensure smooth delivery, including the removal and recycling of all packaging materials.
  • Building Relationships: We strive to build strong relationships with hospital and nursing home teams, ensuring repeat deliveries are handled with rapport and reliability. We also accommodate requests to deliver items to specific rooms, addressing any logistical and structural challenges to allocate the correct resources.


Our commitment to excellence and personalised service has made Cronin Group a trusted partner in the healthcare industry. By providing tailored logistics solutions and prioritising environmental sustainability, we ensure the timely and reliable delivery of critical medical and mobility devices. This dedication strengthens our relationships with clients and supports the essential care provided to patients.