ESC is one of the leading suppliers of drive systems, motor control and automation products into the Irish market. With over 40 years’ experience in the automation industry, they are well placed to support a wide range of applications in all types of industries. The Cronin Movers Machinery Moving Team were selected to assist with the works within the Takeda Ireland Ltd, Grange Castle.


This Motor Control Panel Offloading and positioning project involved careful project management of a professional rigging and moving service from the Cronin Movers Machinery Moving Team. The team leader reported directly to the on-site project manager Colin O’Neill.

Phase 1
The first phase of the project involved offloading the 200Kw Motor Control Panel from the transport trailer. A Hi-ab crane is used to offload the panel. The panel was wrapped with soft slings and secured to the crane hook. The hi-ab lifted the panel off the transport truck and lowered it down into position. Using a set of skoots the panel was moved from the set down area to the entry point of the plant room.

Phase 2
Using an elevated high-rise pallet truck, the motor control panel was lifted to the required height, level with the entry point of the plant room. A purpose built platform was placed in front of the entry point and the panel was moved in and set down on the platform.

From the platform, again on the skoots, the crew move the panel into the plant room and placed it in the required position ready for commissioning.


The team leader was extremely happy with the outcome, and the project was a success from start to finish. The new 200Kw panel was successfully offloaded and placed in the correct location, with no impact on other important works that needed to be carried out within the area. The project was fully completed within a 1 day period.