As part of a major office refurbishment for Focus Ireland, the Cronin Movers Workplace Relocations Team were delighted to provide office removal, transportation and storage services. All of our work in moving 100 workstations and office equipment was provided pro-bono for this wonderful charity that provides services for people who are homeless and people at risk of homelessness in Ireland.


The charity Focus Ireland recognised the need to upgrade their office facilities where their staff provide essential support for the homeless. This major refurbishment project triggered an outpouring of goodwill amongst the Irish business community and every aspect of the refurbishment from design to fit-out was provided for free by the companies involved.

At Cronin Movers our Workplace Relocations Team volunteered to help. A major International Technology business donated 100 workstations to the refurbishment in September 2020. So our team organised to collect these and store them in our warehouse facility until the refurbishment was completed.

It took six 7.5 tonne truck deliveries to move all of the desks, pedestals and chairs to our warehouse. Due to COVID-19 the refurbishment project that was originally scheduled to complete in January 2021 took longer than planned and was ultimately ready for fit-out in May 2021.

Our team supported the fit-out company by moving the 100 workstations out of storage and positioning them in the newly refurbished building.


The office removal and storage for refurbishment took place over a nine month period and our team completed each stage of the move within one working day.

The result is an amazing workspace for the 100 staff, with a modern feel and suitable facilities to continue to provide their invaluable support to the homeless in Ireland.

It was an incredible collaboration of numerous Irish businesses and we were delighted to play our part.