Telecoms company Nokia Bell Labs, who have always been at the cutting edge of communications technology, had historic museum quality telecommunications equipment located in its Dublin site. They were looking for a partner to crate, remove and relocate the equipment and display cabinets to locations in Finland, Germany and America.


Because of the age and historical importance of the collection, Cronin Movers carried out an extensive onsite survey of the various pieces. Weights and dimensions had to be attained for the preparation of the bespoke transport crates for all of the larger items along with combination crates for the smaller pieces.

Once the crates were created in our warehouse, using ISPM No.15 /2018 approved wood, we arrived onsite to carry out the packing, crating and removal of the items. When removed to our warehouse, we reconciled the inventories, consolidated the pieces by destination location and arranged collection by our partners.

Because of the nature and age of some the pieces we had to ensure that they were packed so that movement during transport would be eliminated. Using export wrapping protection, use of additional wadding and careful insertion of chocking wood pieces we secured all of the pieces for both air and sea transport.

The original location had access issues with 6 external steps. Some of the pieces, when crated were 2.5m high and 2.4m wide. We installed transfer ramps from the top step to the tail lift of our vehicles to overcome this obstacle.


The removal of historic telecommunications equipment from the Dublin site was completed safely and all items were stored in our secure facility for a period of time.

When the receiving sites were ready, all customs documentation was completed and all historic pieces of equipment were securely delivered to the three locations.