This RTE Machine Workshop move was undertaken by the Machinery Movers team. RTE were seeking to appoint a relocation company to assist with the moving of the machinery workshop from the basement of the sets building to the ground floor.


The RTE Machine Workshop Move project involved instrumental planning, project management and a professional moving and packing service from a dedicated Cronin Movers heavy lift team reporting into the RTE project manager Troy Bannon.

The move involved the moving of extremely heavy workshop equipment consisting of a 2 ton lathe, 1.5 ton milling machine, and a number of other pieces of large sensitive equipment.

All the above machinery was disconnected and made safe for transport. Machines were then lifted and moved during a highly skilled process using of heavy lift jacks & Skoots, and moved on a selection of multi directional moving skates to the new location on the first floor.


The RTE Machiner Workshop move was completed successfully. The movement of machinery took place over 3 days, RTE is now fully operational in their new space.