National Library of Ireland were seeking to relocate almost 1,000 bespoke topographical storage units internally in Kildare Street to make room for refurbishment works. The topographical storage units contained valuable and historic documents so this specialist library relocation required a relocation plan to ensure that all documents were fully protected during transportation. The Tender Reply was to reflect this attention to detail.


Once appointed, Cronin Movers Group constructed models of the topographical storage units using marine ply. These models would house the drawers during transportation within the library. The methodology used was to remove the cabinet drawer, insert export quality bubble wrap in the drawer for protection and wrap the entire drawer in protective shrink wrap. This protected drawer was then inserted into the model for transport. The shell of the original cabinet was then protected for transport.

The original cabinets were relocated to their new home within the Library, the drawers were then relocated, unpacked and inserted back into the original cabinet. This process was repeated until all 925 topographical storage units were relocated.


This specialist library relocation was essential to protect value topological records during an extensive refurbishment of the National Library of Ireland. The move took place over a two week period and the entire collection was successfully installed in its new home which has in turn facilitated further improvement works to take place within the National Library of Ireland.