The Task:

In late November 2023, a large telecommunications company, vacated a 2,322sqm space spanning three floors due to consolidation efforts in other group buildings.

The task assigned to Tracey’s involved removing and recycling approximately 310 desks, dividers, chairs, pedestals, and 36 storage units.

Additionally, Tracey’s was entrusted with shredding confidential wastepaper, recycling WEEE waste, eliminating manifestation and internal signage, removing external signage, painting car parking spaces, clearing loose debris, and conducting a deep clean of carpets, with a completion deadline of January 31st, 2024.

The Process:

  • Preparation Works (January 2nd, 2024): WTS crews arrived and covered lifts, lift lobbies, and common areas with 10mm corriboard to prevent damage.
  • Desk Dismantling: A team dismantled desks arranged in pods of six across floors, separating metal and wood on-site.
  • Pedestal and Storage Unit Clearance: Simultaneously, another team emptied pedestals and storage units, segregating loose paper, office materials, and personal items.
  • Movement to Ground Floor: Once desks were disassembled, the team relocated parts, pedestals, and storage units to a ground-floor holding area.
  • Loading Skips: Upper floors were cleared, and 35 cubic yard skips were loaded with metal, wood, mixed waste, and WEEE waste. Onsite shredding of confidential wastepaper was performed.
  • Manifestation and Signage Removal: Using hot air guns, internal manifestation and signage were removed, while third-party contractors handled external signage removal, parking space painting, and deep cleaning.

The Outcome:

All tasks were successfully completed in just thirteen working days, and Tracey’s vacated the building on January 26th.

A site visit on January 31st, involving Tracey’s Project Manager, the telecommunications Property Manager, their Project Manager, and the building’s landlord, resulted in commendation for Tracey’s.

Subsequently, the landlord engaged Tracey’s for additional clearance projects within the building.