DMG Engineering Ltd is an established Mechanical, Electrical, Air Conditioning and Maintenance engineering business based in Dublin. DMG Engineering required a Machinery Moving specialist to support them in transporting and positioning Air Handling Units (AHUs) in the new Distillers Building in Smithfield, Dublin.


Transporting and positioning Air Handling Units on a construction site requires a detailed risk assessment and careful planning. Our Team Leader led the project planning and management with his Machinery Moving Team, and reported directly to the DMG Engineering on-site project manager. The project involved the careful offloading of the large AHU sections within the delivery compound. Due to the tight access issues onsite, a 7ton capacity space saver forklift was used to move the sections of equipment from the compound to the basement of the Distillers Building. There they were placed in a temporary set-down area. Within the set-down area the sections of AHU were unwrapped from the transport packaging and a quality / condition check was carried out.

Each section of the AHU was carefully moved from the set-down / unpacking area to the assembly / final position area. The sections of the AHU were joined together using a selection of provided bolts and neoprene gaskets to form a fully completed AHU.The process is continued with the remaining AHU’s until all the equipment has been place in their final positions.


The Cronin Movers team successfully planned and executed the transporting and positioning of Air Handling Units through the construction site to their final position. The project was fully completed over a 5 day period, on schedule so that the engineering team could connect the units into the ventilation system in the new building.