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29 Aug, 2022

At Cronin Movers, we know that each heavy machinery relocation has its own requirements. We also understand the changing nature of our clients’ project schedules and deliveries. That’s why we’re always prepared to react and adapt to our clients’ needs and provide solutions that ensure projects don’t just meet expectations but exceed them.

To successfully complete any heavy machinery move, we constantly assess the challenges and risks involved. But how exactly do we do this, and how do we ensure the success of a move? Let’s find out in five tried-and-tested steps…


An obvious first step, sure, but essential, nonetheless. Any good plan begins with a list of the machinery involved in the move. This list should include details such as dimensions, weights, and specific handling requirements as well as who is doing what at each stage of the move. Contact your moving company and get them involved from the beginning to allow them prepare RAMS and Lifting Plans for approval by your H&S division. Furthermore, it’s important to note the equipment required as doing so removes any hiccups mid-move. As well as this, early-stage onsite meetings are an important part of the first step process. On-site surveys can also be carried out at this stage, which is a key factor of any machinery move. This allows everyone involved to get a proper feel of the requirements and the environment they will be operating in.

Above all, a well devised plan will highlight challenges and risks that might pop up during your move. When you have identified these, take steps to remove them and ensure a safer process for all involved.


The scheduling of a move can be dependent on many factors. For instance, good weather lowers risks and offers the opportunity for a smoother move. But, there’s no way of guaranteeing good weather…

Still, proper scheduling will ensure that enough people are available, that transport is ready, and that the route from A to B is established and understood.


Will the move require any documentation, such as an oversized load permit? Work closely with your moving company here as failing to obtain the correct permits could result in a fine.

Prepare the Machinery

Do you need to drain fluids, disconnect batteries, and secure loose components of your machinery? Tick these off your list before the move and if you’re unsure, consult the machine’s manufacturer.

When you have any necessary preparatory steps taken, secure the load. Essential to preventing accidents, you must also survey your machinery for loose components that could cause unnecessary damage to your equipment or public property.


Clear and open communication throughout any move is essential. That includes keeping everyone in the loop regarding any changes and addressing any concerns people involved may have. Let people know in advance what time to arrive on site, what time the move will begin, and what each person must do. Stay in contact with people during the move, too, as you need to react instantly to any issues.

When your machinery arrives at its intended location, inspect it for signs of damage or wear caused by the move. If you spot something, address it as soon as possible.

Count on Cronin’s Moving Services

At Cronin Movers, not only do we have the latest heavy machinery moving equipment, but our team of machinery moving experts has over 30 years of experience in handling moves from start to finish. The benefit for you? Zero stress during the planning and execution of your heavy machinery moves and plant installations.

We can provide expert help in the following areas:

Data Centre DOP

Do you need a trusted and solution-oriented machinery moving partner during a Data Centre build? Our team of experienced riggers deliver a collaborative and highly flexible service that ensures safety and professionalism at all stages of the delivery, offload, and final positioning process.


Factory and Clean Room Relocation

From factory relocation and installation to planning and executing project moves in highly sensitive clean room environments, our specialist project managers ensure a seamless experience from start to finish.

Rigging and Lifting Support

Our lifting support service revolves around offering prompt assistance for demanding situations that involve intricate and heavy lifts. Combining our team’s skills and knowledge with our investment in top-of-the-line lifting and handling equipment, we can handle the most challenging aspects of your project.

We’re also authorised distributors of both GKS Perfekt high-quality moving equipment, including Hydraulic Jacks, Transport Trolleys, Rotary Trolleys, Transport Robots, and Hydraulic Pumps, as well as AeroGo innovative load moving equipment.

Industrial Equipment Relocation

At Cronin Movers, we know a thing or two about industrial equipment moves. Our diverse portfolio of industrial clients covers industries such as:

  • Power generation
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Automotive
  • Aviation engineering
  • Medical
  • Device
  • Construction
  • Robotics

Through working in these industries, we’ve gained extensive experience in handling a wide range of specialised equipment. Our significant investment into inventory for these moves means we can manage every aspect of your relocation.

Machinery Relocation, Installation, and Removal 

With our extensive experience in the areas of machinery installation, removal, and relocation, we possess the professional competence to handle your project with efficiency and safety.

Further to the above benefits, we also help you navigate complex regulations with confidence and precision through our:

  • Out of hours scheduling
  • International freight forwarding services
  • Electrical and mechanical engineering services
  • Secure warehousing and storage facility
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Health 7 Safety focused, flexible approach

Considering a specialist to help you with your machinery move? Wondering how well we’ve managed a previous project?

Well, here’s what a client of ours, James Dunne, Head of Sales at Kavanagh Crane Hire Ltd had to say about working with us:

“Cronin Movers can be trusted to run their own teams on our sites, in high demanding environments and get work completed, on time and in budget.”

Find out more about our machinery moving services today.