Article date

30 Jun, 2024

There have been a few changes to the Stamp 4 application system in Ireland recently and we have been receiving questions; so, we decided to offer a little clarity with this briefing – we hope it helps. We brief regarding those transferring from Critical Skills Employment Permit’s (CSEP) and Hosting Agreements.

What is the latest update

You do not require a Stamp 4 Request Letter from the Dept. of Enterprise Trade and Employment (DETE).

As of April 4th 2024 the count of the required 21 months is from your first day of employment in Ireland (for the employer on the permit and the job on the permit).

When may I apply for a Stamp 4

Holders of CSEPs and Hosting Agreements will be considered when a minimum of  21 months has been completed on your CSEP or Hosting Agreement, under the conditions noted on the permit.

How to count the 21 months

The 21 months is counted from your first day of employment in Ireland (for the employer on the permit and the job on the permit). There was a short period ( 21st November 2023 – April 3rd 2024) where the count was from your first registration. However, this has been changed to your first day of work. This is established through your “Employment Details Summary” found

How do I apply

If you reside in Dublin, you use the online renewal system with the Registration Office, ISD. If you reside outside of Dublin please book an appointment at your relevant GNIB Office, that covers your residential address.

What Issues May be Faced

The main issue we deal with is where the job title has changed. In general, if this is a promotion to a more senior role within the job type/ area stated on the CSEP the application may go ahead. However, if it is a move to another job type/ area/ department you may have to seek a new CSEP.

Another issue is when the CSEP is due to expire prior to the completion of the 21 months. When this happens you may apply for a new CSEP to fill the shortfall.

What Documentation is required to apply for a Stamp 4

  • A copy of the biometric page of your current valid passport(s). This is the page that shows your photograph, passport number and date of birth.
  • Copies of the front and back of your current IRP card. This is the credit-card sized plastic card you received when you last registered your permission.
  • Copies of the relevant Employment Permit/s or Hosting Agreement/s issued to you by the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment.
  • A copy of a most recent payslip.
  • A letter from the employer/s, dated within the last 3 months, confirming the job title, location of employment, and dates of employment.
  • Copies of ‘Employment Detail Summaries’ issued for each year of employment covering the duration of the Employment Permit/s, available on

We hope this clarifies, any question get in touch:
00353 86 025 2117